Amazon DOP-C01 dumps

Amazon DOP-C01 Dumps

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional Dumps March 2023

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What is Certified DevOps Engineer-Professional DOP-C01?

Leaving the official and formal definitions behind, essentially, the Dev part of DevOps is Developers who code and make things mystically chip away at their machine. The Ops part is the Operations division who make the thing chip away at remote is critical to comprehend that above all else, DevOps is where you as a specialist can build up a product with CI/CD pipeline, ensure it works on your machine as well as on creation, you realize how to screen it, read logs, investigate, support, fire-battle on creation, stay with the track of all's show on naming, estimating and asset utilization. At the end of the day, it is taking proprietorship directly from the earliest starting point to the conveyance to the end-client.

Capacities Validated by the Certification

  • Execute and oversee ceaseless conveyance frameworks and strategies on AWS 
  • Execute and robotize security controls, administration procedures, and consistence approval 
  • Characterize and convey observing, measurements, and logging frameworks on AWS 
  • Execute frameworks that are exceptionally accessible, adaptable, and self-mending on the AWS stage 
  • Configuration, oversee, and keep up apparatuses to mechanize operational procedures 
  • Suggested Knowledge and Experience 
  • Experience creating code in at any rate one significant-level programming language 
  • Experience assembling profoundly computerized frameworks 
  • Experience managing working frameworks 
  • Comprehension of present-day improvement and tasks procedures and system

How to pass the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer-Professional Exam?

There is a more noteworthy spotlight on execution and investigating in the DevOps test - the SA Protest is progressively about the expansiveness of information across AWS administrations. Make sure to comprehend precisely what the inquiry is posing. On the off chance that they need execution, give them read imitations, shading, PIOPS, and so forth.

  • Get Familiar with Exam Plan. 
  • Get the AWS Training course. 
  • Study AWS Whitepapers. 
  • Check Sample Questions and Take Practice Exams just as Watch Online Videos. 

For the test, practice sets of inquiries can be utilized for better arrangement. Sites that give Practice test, examine your abilities and information on the AWS DevOps Engineer. You can check for training sets on Amazon however all the points won't be secured there.

Suggested Knowledge And Experience

  • Experience creating code, in any event, one elevated level programming language 
  • Experience assembling profoundly robotized foundations
  • Experience regulating working frameworks 
  • Comprehension of present-day improvement and activities procedures and approaches

Who Should Take The Test?

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional test is proposed for people who play out a DevOps engineer job with at least two years of experience provisioning, working, and overseeing AWS situations. Competitors wanting to take AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional test must have experience creating code in at any rate one significant-level programming language, manufacture profoundly robotized foundations, managing working frameworks and have a comprehension of the current turn of events and activities procedures and approaches.

Course structure

The following topics are included in AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional

  • Domain 1: SDLC Automation (22%)
  • Domain 2: Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code (19%)
  • Domain 3: Monitoring and Logging (15%)
  • Domain 4: Policies and Standards Automation (10%)
  • Domain 5: Incident and Event Response (18%)
  • Domain 6: High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Disaster Recovery (16%)

Exam Format


Exam name

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

Exam language

English, Japanese, Korean & Simplified Chinese

Exam code


Exam format

MCQs and MRQs

Exam type


No. of quest

80 questions

Exam duration

170 minutes

Exam fee

USD 300

Exam validity

3 years

Passing marks


Minimum score


Existing name

Same as before

Frequently Asked Questions

By what means can an up-and-comer register to take an AWS Certification Test?
To enroll for a test, up-and-comer needs to sign in to AWS.
When do we get the test results?
When all is said in the done situation, test results are accessible in 90 days (13 weeks) or less from the end of the test. An email notification will be sent for test results once the outcomes are accessible in the AWS Certification Account. The refreshed tests utilize a scale-scoring strategy through which up-and-comer will get email affirmation for test fruition. The point by point test results is made accessible inside 5 business long stretches of finishing the test on your AWS Certification Account under Previous Exams. Be that as it may, for tests utilizing the first-rate scoring strategy, applicants are sent an email in the wake of finishing the test that incorporates point by point test results. *Note - On finishing your test, the testing screen shows pass or bomb warning.
Would we be able to get a rundown of AWS Certified people?
The AWS Privacy Policy doesn't share recognizable data or test results (pass/come up short) without unequivocal up-and-comer assent.
What sort of administrations and highlights are shrouded in a test?
AWS Certification doesn't have a rundown all things considered or includes shrouded in a given confirmation test. However, the test control for every test records the current theme secured and course goals
What are the alternatives to reschedule the test if somebody can't plan an arrangement?
If you miss your booked test arrangement, you will relinquish the test charge and are not qualified for a discount. You won't have the option to enlist again for the test until 24 hours after your missed test time. Missing the test doesn't bring about a "fall flat" status. Truly dropping or reschedulings conceivable inside 48 hours of the test time with charges of 60 USD. Note you won't have the option to reschedule or drop a test inside 24 hours of test time. Additionally, with over 48 hours' notification, there are no expenses to drop or reschedule your test.
How might we buy the test voucher?
We don't give a test voucher to the accreditation test. The test voucher must be legitimately bought from Amazon. The cost of the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Certification test is $300; which is equivalent across nations.

AWS DOP-C01 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company runs an application with an Amazon EC2 and on-premises configuration. ADevOps engineer needs to standardize patching across both environments. Companypolicy dictates that patching only happens during non-business hours.Which combination of actions will meet these requirements? (Select THREE.)

A. Add the physical machines into AWS Systems Manager using Systems Manager Hybrid Activations. 
B. Attach an IAM role to the EC2 instances, allowing them to be managed by AWSSystems Manager.
C. Create IAM access keys for the on-premises machines to interact with AWS SystemsManager.
D. Execute an AWS Systems Manager Automation document to patch the systems everyhour.
E. Use Amazon CloudWatch Events scheduled events to schedule a patch window.
F. Use AWS Systems Manager Maintenance Windows to schedule a patch window.


Question # 2

An Application team has three environments for their application: development, preproduction, and production. The team recently adopted AWS CodePipeline.However, the team has had several deployments of misconfigured or nonfunctionaldevelopment code into the production environment, resulting in user disruption and downtime. The DevOps Engineer must review the pipeline and add steps to identifyproblems with the application before it is deployed.What should the Engineer do to identify functional issues during the deployment process?(Choose two.)

A. Use Amazon Inspector to add a test action to the pipeline. Use the Amazon InspectorRuntime Behavior Analysis Inspector rules package to check that the deployed codecomplies with company security standards before deploying it to production.
B. Using AWS CodeBuild to add a test action to the pipeline to replicate common useractivities and ensure that the results are as expected before progressing to productiondeployment.
C. Create an AWS CodeDeploy action in the pipeline with a deployment configuration thatautomatically deploys the application code to a limited number of instances. The actionthen pauses the deployment so that the QA team can review the application functionality.When the review is complete, CodeDeploy resumes and deploys the application to theremaining production Amazon EC2 instances.
D. After the deployment process is complete, run a testing activity on an Amazon EC2instance in a different region that accesses the application to simulate user behavior. Ifunexpected results occur, the testing activity sends a warning to an Amazon SNS topic.Subscribe to the topic to get updates.
E. Add an AWS CodeDeploy action in the pipeline to deploy the latest version of thedevelopment code to pre-production. Add a manual approval action in the pipeline so thatthe QA team can test and confirm the expected functionality. After the manual approvalaction, add a second CodeDeploy action that deploys the approved code to the productionenvironment.


Question # 3

A Development team is working on a serverless application in AWS. To quickly identify and remediate potential production issues, the team decides to roll out changes to a small number of users as a test before the full release. The DevOps Engineer must develop asolution to minimize downtime and impact.Which of the following solutions should be used to meet the requirements? (Select TWO.)

A. Create an Application Load Balancer with two target groups. Set up the Application LoadBalancer for Amazon API Gateway private integration. Associate one target group to thecurrent version and the other target group to the new version. Configure API Gateway toroute 10% of incoming traffic to the new version. As the new version becomes stable,configure API Gateway to send all traffic to the new version and detach the old versionfrom the load balancer.
B. Create an alias for an AWS Lambda function pointing to both the current and newversions. Configure the alias to route 10% of incoming traffic to the new version. As thenew version is considered stable, update the alias to route all traffic to the new version.
C. Create a failover record set in AWS Route 53 pointing to the AWS Lambda endpoints forthe old and new versions. Configure Route 53 to route 10% of incoming traffic to the newversion. As the new version becomes stable, update the DNS record to route all traffic tothe new version.
D. Create an ELB Network Load Balancer with two target groups. Set up the Network LoadBalancer for Amazon API Gateway private integration Associate one target group with thecurrent version and the other target group with the new version. Configure the loadbalancer to route 10% of incoming traffic to the new version. As the new version becomesstable, detach the old version from the load balancer.
E. In Amazon API Gateway, create a canary release deployment by adding canary settingsto the stage of a regular deployment. Configure API Gateway to route 10% of the incomingtraffic to the canary release. As the canary release is considered stable, promote it to aproduction release.


Question # 4

A DevOps engineer needs to back up sensitive Amazon S3 objects that are stored withinan S3 bucket with a private bucket policy using S3 cross-Region replication functionality.The objects need to be copied to a target bucket In a different AWS Region and account.Which combination of actions should be performed to enable this replication? (Select THREE.)

A. Create a replication IAM role in the source account.
B. Create a replication IAM role in the target account.
C. Add statements to the source bucket policy allowing the replication IAM role to replicate objects
D. Add statements to the target bucket policy allowing the replication IAM role to replicate objects.
E. Create a replication rule in the source bucket to enable the replication.
F. Create a replication rule in the target bucket to enable the replication


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